The MMAsia 2023 is planned for a physical conference. Presenters or authors are expected to attend the conference in person, unless they are subject to personal health, VISA, or national restrictions that prevent them from doing so.


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- Sorry that ACM is still in the process of publication, and MMAsia 2023 papers will be officially published a few weeks later. (2023/12/08)
- MMAsia 2024 will be in Auckland, New Zealand. Please check call for papers and the promotions of MMAsia 2024. (2023/12/08)
- Lost and Found: Two white shirts and an iPad. (2023/12/06)
- Because of the health issue of Prof. Nishino, we change the 2nd keynote talk to Prof. Chang Wen Chen from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Please check the keynote talk page for details. (2023/12/06)
- All oral/poster/demo sessions are in the UTC+8 time zone. Please attend in person or online on time. (2023/12/01)
- LQVD workshop invites Prof. Chen Change Loy from Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Jiaying Liu from Peking University, and Prof. Chee Seng Chan from Universiti Malaya to give talks. (2023/11/27)
- Presentation Instructions are announced. (2023/11/15)
- Banquet is announced. (2023/11/13)
- Keynote talk title announced: Looking at people and roads by Prof. Ko Nishino. (2023/11/11)
- Keynote talk title announced: Toward Practical Image Super-Resolution and Generalized Image Transformation by Prof. Kyoung Mu Lee. (2023/11/09)
- The deadline of early bird registration is extended to Nov. 11, 2023. (2023/11/08)
- Program is announced. (2023/10/31)
- The deadline of early bird registration is extended to Nov. 8, 2023. (2023/10/26)
- The registration site re-opens. (2023/10/22)
- Information of conference venue is updated. (2023/10/20)
- The registration system is experiencing issues and is currently undergoing maintenance. (2023/10/14)
- The registration site is open. (2023/10/11)
- Regular/Short/Demo Papers Camera Ready deadline is extended to October. 17, 2023(AoE). (2023/10/07)
- Two tutorials are accepted and announced, including "Geometric deep learning and its applications for Multimedia" and "Streaming Media: Algorithms, Protocols and Systems". (2023/10/04)
- Visa Information is updated. (2023/10/04)
- Regular/short/demo paper decisions have been announced. For authors who need to apply VISA to Taiwan, please go to to prepare documents as soon as possible. (2023/10/01)
- Regular/Short Paper Decision is extended to Sep. 30, 2023(AoE). (2023/09/23)
- Visa Information is announced. (2023/09/13)
- Demo Paper Submission deadline has been extended to August 26, 2023 (AoE). (2023/08/11)
- Three workshops are accepted and announced, including M3Oriental, WIST, Low-quality Visual Data for Computer Vision and Media. (2023/07/23)
- Regular/Short paper submission deadline has been extended to August 12, 2023 (AoE). (2023/07/19)
- The Grand Challenge of Challenge on Visual Attention Estimation in HMD 2023 is announced. (2023/07/11)
- The Grand Challenge of Embedded AI Object Detection Model Design Contest on Fish-eye Around-view Cameras is announced. (2023/07/03)
- A Special Session on Cooking and Eating Activities is announced. (2023/06/20)
- The paper submission site is available now. (2023/05/13)
- A Special Session on Comic Computing is announced. (2023/04/09)
- Keynote Speakers Announced! It's our pleasure to confirm that Prof. Kyoung Mu Lee is one of the keynote speakers. (2023/03/10)
- Keynote Speakers Announced! It's our pleasure to confirm that Prof. Ko Nishino is one of the keynote speakers. (2023/03/10)


The ACM Multimedia Asia, puts together the long-lasting experience of former PCM and ICIMCS, which both have good history as well as attending experiences. It is a newly established international conference to showcase the scientific achievements and industrial innovations in the multimedia field. Its mission is to illuminate the state of the art in multimedia computing by bringing together researchers and practitioners in this field.

In 2023, ACM Multimedia Asia will be a fully physical conference (National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan) and an extensive program that includes technical sessions covering all aspects of the multimedia field in forms of oral and poster presentations, tutorials, panels, demonstrations, workshops and grand challenge competitions.